OBJECT OF DESIRE: Céline Skater Shoes

Céline Skater Shoes

One can never have enough great, casual, comfortable pairs of shoes. These days one can wear them with practically everything, even more elegant clothing. So what are the best casual shoes to invest in? At Fashion IQ we really love the Céline Skater Shoes.

Perhaps we have been influenced by our founder’s (Masha’s) latest shoe purchase. However, others will be too when they see her latest, minimalistic style wearing Céline’s pure white skater shoes. We didn’t think it was possible to call sneakers refined, but these definitely are.

Céline Skater Shoes, Masha Lopatova Kirilenko
Masha Lopatova for Fashion IQ 

What makes Céline Skater Shoes so special this season? It’s so subtle but palatable. The sole is a bit thicker and the shoes height almost rises to the leg, wrapping visually around the height of the ankle in a way that’s flattering to the legs. These are one the loveliest, comfortable pairs shoes we’ve ever tried— and at Fashion IQ we believe style and comfort should always go hand in hand… well, almost always.

If the only thing that’s keeping you from investing is the fear of caring for white shoes on urban streets, don’t hold back. Try reading our article about keeping white shoes clean.

Text by Lindsey Alexander, Pictures of shoes courtesy of celine.com,

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