BEAUTY: Organic Body Care for the Summer

BEAUTY: Organic Body Care for the Summer

Summer days are here and it’s important to nourish our bodies with extra care by keeping our skin refreshed, moisturized, and protected from the Sun. It’s important to replenish the body with organic body care products made of the purest botanical ingredients and finest essential oils, giving us a revitalizing pick-me-up.

Organic treatments, enriched with vitamins and nutrients, can keep us all refreshed and hydrated this summer. Here is our selection of the perfect all-natural treats that your body will need for the warm days under the Sun. Start pampering yourself for instantly softer, healthier skin!

Cleanse & Hydrate

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Every morning is a chance to start fresh and every night is a chance to release and relieve. Choosing a well-balanced cleansing and hydrating system is key for your skin’s health for the entire day and the first step for healing the day’s stresses away at night. Kora 3 step systems are a great option to cleanse & hydrate the face & neck, the two most sensitive areas of our body and the most prone to damage each day. The great thing about this system is that it promotes relaxation  through essential oil therapy and there are systems for each of the skin types.


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 The Sun is glorious, especially after a harsh winter, but nothing damages skin like too many rays. Before stepping into the sunny days of summer it’s key to get the best protection possible. Of course nothing can replace the protection that a long brimmed hat can provide, but whether you wear the hat or not, don’t forget to wear sunscreen too. Susanne Kaufmann’s cell protection cream is not only suitable for all skin types, its okay for children and those of us with sensitive skin. Perhaps the best thing about this cream is that it not only protects, but it repairs too. It’s full of antioxidants, which every inch of your body could use!


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Throughout the day we all face the pollution, uv rays, and other stresses that create free radicals in our bodies. None of us can avoid free radicals, but we can neutralize them with antioxidants. Some of natures most potent antioxidants can be found in argan oil. This fabulous oil has been used by Moroccan women for centuries to heal their skin against harsh desert conditions. Now, thanks to brands like Kahina, women and men of urban cities can do the same.


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De-stressing is essential to any beauty regimen, especially at the end of a long, hot day. But, it’s not always possible to make time for a massage or other body treatment at a spa; that’s why we believe it’s important to keep a mini spa at home. From the salts you put in your bath to the scrub you use for your feet, everything that touches your skin should be of the very best quality, which is why we love Bamford’s products. Everything from Bamford is all-natural and made by artisans. The next time your body needs the spa but you don’t have the time, try Bamford’s Botanic Collection of products. It’s the next best thing!

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