Interested in dining in one of the best restaurants in America (proclaimed by Esquire Magazine in 2011), then look no further than Manhattan’s Ai Fiori. But they aren’t the only ones who are raving… New York Post critic, Steve Cuozzo, deemed Ai Fiori’s popular dish ‘Astice’ the “greatest dish in the world” in a recent review. With such great reviews how can anyone not dine here!

Ai Fiori
the Astice dish at Ai Fiori

Ai Fiori is one of the most successful restaurants, owned by the four time nominated James Beard Best Chef NY Ahmass Fakahany and Chef Michael White. Their company wide goal: To deliver the highest level of quality and consistency in all their restaurants across all their different brands and concepts. A goal that isn’t easy to do, especially with 16 restaurants and counting.

But it’s not about just success… it’s about eating! Ai Fiori has the most decadent and diverse Italian/French menu. Take the advice of many satisfied diners by choosing Ai Fiori’s famous “Chef’s Seven Course Tasting” menu and experience an array of exquisite items such as red snapper, lobster, crab, black truffles, lamb, guinea hen, and chocolate gelato. All this in one meal? Sounds divine!

Reservations are an absolute must at this fantastic restaurant, so schedule one today!

Words by Jessika Brown. Photos Courtesy of Ai Fiori

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