FINDS: Chanel Flap Bag Paris Salzburg Haute Couture Collection

While visiting Austria in the 1950s, Coco Chanel was fascinated by a lift attendant’s embroidered jacket. Chanel was so inspired by the pure craftsmanship that she incorporated it into her own collection. Similarly Karl Lagerfeld, Creative Director of the Paris Salzburg Haute Couture Collection, has also turned to Austria for Chanel’s inspiration.

In 2002 Chanel acquired eight specialty ateliers in Paris to establish Paraffection. Paraffection became a brand at Chanel also known as The Métiers d’Art who brought Chanel back to its grass roots with unique, timeless pieces for the world to adore, remember, and (most importantly) acquire.

“Chanel supports the historic arts, and preserves the unique expertise of fashion’s traditional craftsmen.”  – Chanel

The eight ateliers consist of a metal worker, a flower and feather craftsman, a milliner, a home embroiderer, a shoemaker, a goldsmith, a floral accessory expert, and a clothing embroiderer. For the past 13 years the experts at The Métiers d’Art have created some of the most exquisite and unique pieces seen in the fashion industry today.

An example of this superb, detailed craftsmanship can be seen on our founder, Masha Lopatova’s, new favorite purse, the Chanel Flap Bag. The handbag, part of the Paris Salzburg Haute Couture Collection, is embellished with a braid and edelweiss flower pin (the flower known for ‘alpinism and rugged beauty’ in Austria). This unique and charming handbag can be purchased for $3,000 at select boutiques.


A huge hit at the Spring New York 2015 Chanel Show, this handbag may be difficult to find. If you fell in love with this collection too, but can’t find what you’re looking for… Please contact us today and our fashion consultants will be happy to search for any timeless piece from the Paris Salzburg Collection you may be looking for.


Images from and Instagram of Masha Lopatova, Words by Jessika Brown

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