GROOMING: 5 Best Barbershops in New York

GROOMING: 5 Best Barbershops in New York

It only takes one bad haircut to know you can’t trust just anyone to style your hair. After all, your hair is an essential part of your look because, well, you can’t take it off. If you’re new to the city, visiting, or just looking for a new barber, we can help you out… Here are our fashion concierge’s 5 best barbershop recommendations in New York, for just about every type of gentleman.

1. Tomcats Barbershop

for the Rebel Gentleman

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Their motto is “retro, the new modern”. Expect to see several Harley-Davidson motorcycles parked out front when you arrive. Tomcats specializes in “vintage American style” haircuts most popular during the 1920’s to 1950’s. If this kind of cut appeals to you, look forward to enjoying a free beer while receiving one of the coolest haircuts of your life.

135 India St, Brooklyn

(718) 349-9666

Haircut: $30

2. Martial Vivot Salon Pour Hommes

for the Professional Gentleman

Best Barbershops, Fashion Concierge, Martial Vivot

Our first recommendation for the upscale, sophisticated New York experience, Martial Vivot Salon Pour Hommes, provides unique salon services for the professional male. Hair stylist Martial Vivot is famous for opening the first male salon in New York City and the caliber of his services are simply the best, including a variety of different shaves, grooming, and haircuts for men. While there be sure to ask Martial where to grab a bite to eat… he’s a reknown ‘foodie’!

39 W 54th St, Upper Eastside

(212) 956-2990

Haircut: $125-$320


3. Blind Barber

for the Hip Gentleman

Best Barbershops, Fashion Concierge, Blind Barber

This hip barbershop is one of the ‘coolest’ places to get a haircut in New York. After your desired haircut and style, enjoy a signature cocktail in the back of the shop becuase it’s not just a barbershop, it’s a speakeasy bar too. They also have a new line of “Stay Handsome” hair products that can be bought from Barney’s or off their website

339 E 10th St, East Village

(212) 228-2123

Haircut: $45

4.Fellow Barber

for the Social Gentleman

Best Barbershops, Fashion Concierge, Fellow Barber

Specializing in men’s cuts, Fellow Barber is also known for their hangover treatment masks. It’s all about community and hanging out together at Fellow’s. Everyone should feel at home in this modern, upscale barbershop. Pick up some of their aftershave tonic while at checkout. It’s very popular and in great demand.

5 Horatio St, West Village

(212) 929-3917

Haircut: $45

5. Paul Mole Barbershop

for the Classic Gentleman

Best Barbershops, Fashion Concierge, Paul MoleImage by

If straight razor shaves and hot towels for your face are what you are looking for, all while getting your shoes shined, look no further… Paul Mole’s shop is perfect for you. They just celebrated their 100th birthday and are as professional and elegant as ever.

1034 Lexington Ave, Upper East Side

(212) 535-8461

Haircut: $40 (Cash Only)

By Jessika Brown © Fashion IQ, 2015

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