MEN’S CARE: Summer Shaving



A good beard is quite possibly the best accessory any man can have, partly because you get to decide when you have one and how it looks when you do. During summer you might be less keen to don your beard, and feeling the heat, we can’t blame you. Whether you’re just keeping it groomed, or shaving it clean off for a smooth skin look, we have some great products to recommend to you:

THE ART OF SHAVING Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil:

Shaving can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience, especially if your hair is coarse and grows in many directions. That’s why we recommend using a good pre-shave oil. Before you begin shaving, massage 3-4 drops of this Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil into your hair and skin. The oil with soften your facial hair and calm your skin as you shave, rebuffing dreaded razor burn.

PENHALIGON’S Bayolea Beard & Shave Oil:

For the man cultivating his beard, this product could be a good all in one. It is both a shaving and a styling tool. Just massage 3 drops into the skin you will be shaving and another 4 for the beard you’re styling, and it will give you a smooth look.


For the man keeping a clean shave, you need a really great shaving cream like Panhurst London’s. Apply once for shaving with the hair, and another time for shaving against the hair. This cream not only smells amazing but following these two steps will ensure a close, clean shave.

CZECH & SPEAKE No. 88 Aftershave Shaker:

The most critical product for your shave comes after the hair leaves. Shaving can irritate skin so it’s important to have a good product to soothe it. Czech & Speak makes a great smelling aftershave with a special antiseptic formula that will also help close pores and prevent blemishes.


If you are looking to start anew with your grooming ritual, we have a great option. The Baxter of California 1.2.3 Shaving Kit comes with their super close shave formula, brush, and after shave balm. The kit is designed to be all you need for the perfect, irritation-free shave.

Now you can use only the best products for your shaving ritual. Your skin and facial hair will thank you!




Words by Lindsey Alexander

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