SHOPPING SOHO: Pharell’s Billionaire Boys Club & Ice Cream

Billionaire Boys Club

Pharrell is a genius and everything he touches turns to gold so naturally that’s been the case with his Billionare Boys Club and Ice Cream clothing brands. It all began in 2005 when Pharrell collaborated with Japanese designer Nigo and launched these two new street style brands. Everyone should have known they would have had a profound influence on high fashion, individuality, and youth culture that can only be paralleled to his influence in the music industry.

In 2011 Jay-Z, a friend, BBC brand lover, and frequent business collaborator of Pharrell, invested in Billionaire Boys Club. Heading into its second decade, BBC’s yearly volume has doubled and has introduced the Billionaire Girls Club line and the exclusive Bee Line collection. Not only can you purchase your sweats, tees, boxers, socks, hats, and shoes through BBC, you’ll soon be buying your eyewear and fragrances though them too.

With store locations in Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, and now SoHo (Yes!!!!) everyone worldwide will have the opportunity to purchase these brands. Don’t wait to buy, however, in order for items to remain unique and timeless, only limited quantities are made. Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream are not only a brand in mainstream fashion today they are a creative movement that helped introduce street style to high fashion. For that, Pharrell, we thank you!

“[The Billionaire Boys Club] was born in Japan, and the people who belong in this club are the people who are like minded, who know that education is one of the greatest gifts to life, and learning things and continuing to discover and explore is one of the greatest experiences we can ever have as humans. So, it’s anyone who believes that, and lives their life to the fullest.” – Pharrell

Check out Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream’s store in SoHo on 456 W Broadway. The experience of walking through the shop alone will be ‘out of this world’ and totally unique!

Words by Jessika Brown, Photos from  bbcicecream & hypebeast

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