SUNDAY BRUNCH: Sant Ambroeus

SUNDAY BRUNCH: Sant Ambroeus

Sant Ambroeus is a cozy-chic restaurant located in the lively SoHo area, and trust us, it’s a neighborhood gem!

Upon entering the restaurant, we were instantly taken in by the plate wall displayed near to the door. The specialty made plates hang, decorated and signed by various famous visitors, giving a cool vibe to an otherwise sophisticated European interior. Its stylish atmosphere has the feel of an Italian touch. And its staff, the genuine warmth of a family. The delightful manager and nice staff create a friendly vibe, while the well-known faces of celebrities sitting alongside our table (humbly chatting) remind us that we are still in a Manhattan hotspot.

Sant Ambroeus
Lemon Ricotta Pancakes 

Our experience was memorable, not to mention delicious! The lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberries and syrup were an absolute treat. And the Norwegian eggs Benedict (made with poached eggs, Norwegian smoked salmon, and hollandaise sauce served on a homemade roll) were positively scrumptious.

Oh… we savored our meals— but not without some anticipation to choose from the list of italian desserts that awaited us. Yes, of course we had dessert for brunch! We also had their delicious coffee.

The high-energy espresso and cappuccino bar is so worth noting. For busy New Yorkers like us, it’s crucial to have the right dose of coffee that is both delicious and fulfilling (not to mention strong… double shot please!) The cappuccinos and Americanos that we sipped while waiting for our aforementioned dessert were perfection— smooth, rich, and bold— just how we like it!

Sant Ambroeus

What can we say… Sant Ambroeus is A wonderful spot for any occasion (breakfast, lunch, dinner, you name it!) Whether you want to casually sit by the bar for your morning coffee and newspaper, or meet up with some friends for a memorable brunch, saying it’s worth it just doesn’t cut it.

Sant Ambroeus SoHo  265 Lafayette Street 

  Story by Viktoria Yahalnitskaya

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