The Best Products to Style an Undercut

Undercut Styling

The undercut has been a hairstyle of choice for a few years now, for both men and women. Most recently we’ve seen it on actresses Scarlett Johansen and Kristen Stewart, and it seems like more men have it than don’t these days— Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, not to mention the man that made it popular in the first place, David Beckham.

The trick to wearing and undercut is all about how it’s styled. And the style is all about having the right product.


This swedish haircare brand, has our favorite of just about everything. Their product for the undercut, Sachajuan’s Hair Paste, is about all you really need. It’s lightweight but has the strength to hold hair in place, and is full of only the best nutrient-rich ingredients.


If your hair is straight but particularly unruly, we recommend trying something a little bit stronger. Oribe’s Super Fine Hair Spray is a great option. Not only can it keep hairs in place with a more natural looking shine than most hairsprays, it protects hair from damage by UV rays.


For those of you who don’t like shine, no matter how natural it is, another good option to try is Davines Dry Wax. It creates a great semi-messy look with a pretty strong hold. Another benefit is that it doesn’t leave the residue that other products are prone to.


Another great matte product, but with less hold, is Maria Nila’s Creator Clay. The product works like a molding clay for the hair, but with a little less hold than hair sprays. A product for those looking for a little bit of sway.


And lastly here’s a product for those with undercuts that have damaged or frizzy hair. This lightweight product not only shapes hair but conditions too. A great option for those who have hard to manage hair that could use some healing too.

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