WHITE SHOE CARE: how to keep sneakers white

White Shoe Care

It can be intimidating committing to a pair of white shoes, especially for those of us that live in big, dirty cities like NYC. For those of us that just can’t resist, like sneaker obsessives, Mr Porter has all the white shoe care advice one will ever need to keep white sneakers white, even in a place like NYC.

SPOT CLEAN- After dislodging the dirt by knocking your sneakers together, use a damp cloth or Jason Markk Quick Wipes to get rid of marks as you make them.

DEEP CLEAN- Using a few drops of shoe cleaner, like Jason Markk, on a tooth brush or shoe brush and scrub all over. Remove foam with a towel and repeat as needed.

RELACE THEM- The easiest way to make sneakers look newer, is by washing or replacing laces. To wash soak in water and detergent or put in a bag to wash in the washer at a hot temperature.

PROTECT THEM- Let them dry naturally (don’t put them in the dryer). Once they’re dry spray with stain and water repellent. And of course spray any new shoes too. Mr Porter recommends Scotchguard for canvas shoes, and Jason Markk for suede and leather.

STORE THEM- Ideally, place each shoe in a separate dust bag and place in its original box. Mr Porter recommends to take a Polaroid photo of your shoes and attach to the box as an easy reference.

MR PORTER’S How To Keep Your Sneakers Clean Video

White Shoe Care

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