MASHA’S PICK: Saint Laurent Boater Hat in Red

Every wardrobe needs to have defining elements, which is what makes accessorizing a lot like the cherry on the cake, or even better… the frosting. Over the years of Masha’s career in fashion she has maintained a great appreciation and aesthetic taste for accessories in all of her looks. Even on a casual day one can see her expressing herself through a dramatic piece of jewelry, limited edition purse, or a really great hat.

Saint Laurent Boater Hat

Taking a peek into the fall additions of her wardrobe, we spotted one of her favorite millinery pieces making a new debut, the Saint Laurent Boater Hat. The hat was featured in Masha’s Dapper Nonchalant Look here on Fashion IQ last winter in black. As Masha prepares for the fall season ahead, she is yet again returning to this classic hat to help define her semi-casual look. This time, however, she will be wearing the deeper, brighter hue of the hat in Red!

The timeless accessory is available in other hues, but the lipstick red version of this hat is almost sold out. If you are a lover and collector of great hats too, we recommend purchasing it soon.

Words by Lindsey Alexander, Photos by Barneys &

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