Céline obsession: Get Masha’s look

Céline… Has there ever been a more perfect name for a ready to wear brand? The word slips from the tongue as easily as the label’s clean designs slip over a woman’s frame. And yet somehow this predominantly modern brand has a hint of sensuality. Some may balk at that. Céline is famous for its androgyny. But that, to us, is what makes it so sexy.

We live in a world where the boundaries of sex are becoming more difficult to define, let alone the roles each sex plays in the world today. And no brand sums this confusion up with more grace and seductiveness than Céline.

The woman in the suit and in the dress, wearing clothes traditionally for men like a woman, and wearing clothes traditionally for women like a man. Well, no woman wears this brand better than our very own, Masha Lopatova. Pioneer, business-woman, mother, athlete, daughter, philanthropist, wife, and so many other things, Masha is a great example of the complexity of modern femininity.


Céline’s collections are telling her and many other women’s story when they send their designs down the runway. Just looking at the collection can get a woman thinking, “Oh, I could wear those trousers to a business lunch. And that dress! That dress is perfect for the exhibition opening next week. But those shoes! Ah! Well, I think they will be perfect for everything.”

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