The Perfect Gift for Her: Fringe and Suede

Fringe and Suede, Saint Laurent

Time and time again the fashion world reintroduces the Bohemian Style— perhaps because the 60s and 70s were such an important era for change. The world was fighting for peace, love, and equality and what better time than the Holidays to celebrate these things!

The boho looks we grew up (if not wearing, then remembering) have been reimagined for today. Here at Fashion IQ our focus has been on the Bohemian style of fringe and suede. Everyone who appreciates Boho style will want to wear suede boots and tot a fringed-suede bag around, which is why it’s one of our favorite gift ideas for this holiday.

Some things we recommend adding to your wish list from Net A Porter are the tassel-trimmed suede boots by Chloé, the small fringe Helena bag by Saint Laurent, and the fringed cashmere scarf by Barbajada (it’s not suede but it looks like it could be).

Whatever you choose this holiday season, we recommend accessorizing it with a Bohemian attitude of peace, and most importantly, love! Because, well, there’s nothing more beautiful than that.

Suede and Fringe, Saint Laurent

Text by Jessika Brown © Fashion IQ 2015

Photos Saint Laurent Campaign 2015

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