Our new girl of the month is Maria Granina, a sales department specialist for the fashion brand A LA RUSSE by Anastasia Romantsova from Moscow, RussiaOur team had the pleasure of meeting Masha during New York Fashion week this season. Her unique style and fashion presence captured our attention so we had to do a special interview and photo shoot so you cold get to know her too!

How did you become a stylist?

I love to dress up. And I love when people appreciate the way I look and ask me for advice. But I never thought about styling as a profession, it has never been my calling.  It’s hard for me to just to pick up only one thing which excites me. I like to mix it all up. You can’t get on stage without astonishing dress, perfect make up, and excellent music. If I had to describe my style in just one word it would be – contemporary. I enjoy wearing new forms and remixes of old ones and being at the edge of the fashion. But of course I’m trying to avoid the “fashion theater” look, when fashion prevails common sense.

What is your favorite brand?

 Maria Granina

 Sweatshirt and shorts by A La Russe, New Balance shoes

What do you like most about your work?

The most interesting part of my job is meeting new people. It’s always intriguing what a client chooses from the new collection. It’s like going on a date – you understand everything about your date after two minutes of small talk and his order from the menu. I can tell everything about the style of a client after he has made the selection of pieces from collection.

Who is your style inspiration?

My inspiration is Diana Vreeland. She is my fashion icon. I adore self-made people. All she needed to be successful was her sharp eye for new talent, perfect taste, and style… and of course she had the core of a strong person.

Maria GraninaNYC Girl.  Dress & sunglasses by A La Russe, Dior shoes, Hermes clutch.

Styled by Masha Lopatova

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