Our newest girl of the month is the multi-talented Valissa Yoe, an NYC based stylist, DJ and make up artist. Raised in New York by her artist parents, Valissa studied fashion design at FIT, taking up fashion styling in 2005. What started as custom designing for her friends, became a dazzling career path working with numerous clients and publications, alongside known public figures and fashion mentors/icons such as Patricia Field and many more. In addition to being featured on fashion and music websites such as Papermag and WeTheUrban, Valissa appeared in a style competition “Dress to Kill’ by Glamour magazine, showcasing her professional skills as a stylist.  Adding on to her credentials, Valissa started working as a DJ and even producing her own music.Here’s her story:
When it comes to fashion and music as a career, she says : “So far, I’ve gotten away with not having to choose one or the other. They all influence each other and I take great pride in making sure I’m giving my all to each one of these skills. I love playing house and disco with deep baselines and sultry vocals. Anything to move that body!”
Valissa’s magnetic personality and bold fashion sense give her an undeniable presence and appeal. She’s not the one to follow trends, instead she chooses what goes along with her personality and instinct :
Valissa in her east village apartment. Look by Natasha Zinko Resort 2015 
Valissa in her east village apartment. Look by Natasha Zinko Resort 2015


“I have always loved provoking emotions through visuals. My style changes depending on my mood. I love projecting my sensuality, vibrance and confidence through my style. I wear what makes me feel beautiful and I like to buy pieces I can have with me for a lifetime and rework into my wardrobe every season. My favorite piece I’ve acquired this summer has been a black pleated mini skort from Topshop. It’s effortless and comfortable. I can wear it with a platform sneaker and t-shirt or dress it up with heels and a lacy tank for the night.”

Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen of Portlandia
One of Valissa’s favorite experiences was styling Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen ofPortlandia. “It’s one of my favorite shows and they had me cracking up on set just like I thought they would. I pulled a few designers they asked for and a few of my own I knew they would like even better! They were completely open to my creativity and the end shots came out flawless!”Among the many fashion influences and people, her true inspiration is her own mom, Janet Morra. “My mom has been my icon since day one. She’s a modern day Marilyn Monroe with striking white hair and the curves to match. Her inner and outer beauty just the same captivates and inspires.”(photo right: Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen of Portlandia)

                Le Bain  848 Washington St New York, NY 10014  Photo :

“What constantly keeps me fascinated with New York are all the different people around me. Every single one of them serves as my muse of fashion, music and culture as a whole. New York is the city to be.”For the story, FashionIQ used Natasha Zinko Resort 2015 Collection, an international designer based in London, offering unique, beautifully handmade pieces with retro silhouettes, full skirted frocks and playful motifs. The designs offered the perfect classic touch to the looks, with a feminine and vintage feel, giving an image of a young sophisticated modern woman that is both chic and exuberant. See Valissa’s transformation below, featuring the stunning looks!

Crystalline Jewellery necklace, Hermes Birkin bag, Natasha Zinko Resort ’15 ‘Midi’ dress with flowery skirt

Natasha Zinko Resort ’15 pearl sweatpants with red striped top, Vintage denim vest, Celine mint green pumps 

Natasha Zinko Resort 15 ‘Midi’ striped floral dress, M2Malletier bag, Manolo Blahnik pumps

Natasha Zinko Resort ’15 ‘Midi’ pleated skirt with gold buttons and linen striped shirt, Crystalline Jewellery earrings, Chanel ‘Boy’ denim bag, Celine pumps

For more on Valissa’s work and credits, visit &

 Story by Viktoria Yahalnitskaya for FashionIQ   


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