MASHA LOPATOVA: Your Best Body Care For Cold Days

MASHA LOPATOVA: Your Best Body Care For Cold Days

“When in doubt, take a bath,” That’s my slogan for long winter nights, especially during weeks of lousy weather forecasts when they say it’s gonna snow so hard that you can’t leave the house.

American people are lucky. The running water here is mineralized, and makes the color of your tub a pleasant blue. On top of that, there are a lot of nice products to add in! Оne very simple and cheap addition is epsom salt. It is perfect for a tired body, after jet-lag, or a long day skiing. Mix it with a couple drops of Ylang Ylang aroma therapy oil (or whatever scent you prefer) from Whole Foods and you will feel perfect in 20 minutes. A lot of people go for lavender oil because it makes them sleepy. More expensive way to improve your well being are to add more dramatic products to your tub. Things like seaweed paste, mineral powders, and bath crystals (which are basically salt, but with a super nice smell.) My favorite brand for that is Thalion but I am never able to find it here in the US, so I have friends ship it to me from France. Thalion, Body Care for Cold Days

Phytomer is also a great brand that is available online in the US. For those who have no connection with France and no routine, a visit to Sephora is a must. The company Fresh makes great products, as well as Bliss, theirs is very universal. I also believe in the importance of scrubbing your body regularly. First, it gets rid of dead skin, and second it opens your pores to accept body cream after your soak. The scrubs that I like are Fresh polishing body brush, as it’s always a good idea and really helps exfoliate, and Laura  Mercier (her products smell so good you want to eat them, but probably shouldn’t) I like the Vanilla and Fig, it’s sweet, but still salty, almost like Play-Doh for kids, but for adults.  It leaves you skin with a nice and light body smell. I feel like it’s really important not to overwhelm your skin with harsh perfumes, because it leads to a lack of identity when you start smelling like a Victoria secret girl (unless you really are Adriana Lima). Also, to keep your body in good shape, beauty products aren’t the only thing that can help.

Body Care for Cold, Masha's Picks

1. Laura Mercier Crème Brûlée Sugar Scrub  2. Fresh Sugar Lychee Sugarbath  3. Fresh Sake Bath  4. Fresh Body Polish  5. Phytomer Oligomer Well-Being Remineralizing Relaxing Bath   6. Scott Barnes Body Bling Lotion  7. Bliss Hot Salt Scrub  8. Urban Decay Body Beauty Balm 

“I suggest everyone get 10 sessions of massage every 6 months”

Plus something like endermologie. Endermologie is the name for a vacuum massage. It helps break down the fat cells, improve circulation and even out skin. 10 sessions a year is enough. Vacuum massage is not as popular in the US as it is in Europe, but you can still find the machine. I actually bought one!!! Endermologie vacuum massage really helps with cellulite. If you combine it with a special manual massage, you can lose weight and have a super tight body. Unfortunately, no spa or salon in America offers a good manual (hand) massage. The massage that helps to lose weight is supposed to hurt. It breaks down the fat tissue that later eliminates with water. Simply said, no massage therapist in America is ready to hurt you, as nobody wants to got to jail. I have a great massage therapist that practically sculpts my body with her hands, but I have to fly her in from Russia.

Tonic Perfection, Body Care for Cold

It’s important to use a good cream with this type of massage. One of my favorite massage creams is Firming Massage Cream by DIBI, It’s Italian and hard to find in the US. I never use oil, I hate oil for some reason. I can’t explain it, but I don’t like feeling greasy, and I feel like it clogs my pores. One last thing, my secret weapon: If you ever have a date, or a night out after your bath. There is an amazing product that gives you color and shimmer without staining your clothes! Body Bling by Scott Barnes is amazing, as well as Urban Decay from Sephora.


Text by Masha Lopatova
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