Our newest girl of the month is the beautiful and stylish Elena Maximova. Here’s her story :

Lena_Max_FNYCgirl_dec_FIQ_1Max Mara Coat, Stuart Weitzman suede boots, Leather custom made skirt, Eugenia Kim hat, Celine bag

I like to feel confident and bold and that often correlates with what I wear. I can’t say if I have a distinct style exactly, I’m drawn to different interesting things. I worked in an investment business for many years and that certainly leaves a mark, because you have to follow a certain business style and that was a bit hard considering my eccentric personality. I would wear super wide pants/trousers or a suit with sneakers, that didn’t’ always go well with my boss. Nowadays I give most preference to simplicity : chunky sweaters, jeans, casual dresses, where you can easily change looks depending on the shoe choices, form sneakers to over the knee boots.

Barbara Bui pants, H&M sweater, Christian Louboutin heels, Fendi clutch

I don’t think I have a must have of the season, my idea of the necessary must have items usually doesn’t match up with the current trends. I used to be obsessed with Celine bags, starting from their classic Boogie bag to their current various collections. Usually when I see something that I really like that’s my goal and I go on a quest to find it. I get the most enjoyment out of wearing the new purchase for the first time, I don’t really like the process of shopping itself.

Lena_Max_FNYCgirl_dec_FIQ_4Chanel Dallas scarf, Valentino dress, Franck Muller watch

After studying in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology  and working at a private equity, I decided to change my occupation. I had a desire to do something more feminine. Until the release of my own project, I have a freelance schedule and like to organize my time accordingly and being productive.

Lena_Max_FNYCgirl_dec_FIQ_3Max Mara Coat, Zara cashmere sweater, Stuart Weitzman suede boots, Leather custom made skirt, Eugenia Kim hat, Celine bag

What I love about New York is the feeling of being independent and unique among the variety and versatility of people of different cultures and languages. A walk in the park helps me relax and unwind, and have a peace of mind surrounded by all the traffic and city noise. Mercer Kitchen is one of my favorite restaurants. Bar Veloce is a nice spot to go to for a glass of wine after a busy day.

Lena_Max_FNYCgirl_dec_FIQ_5Chanel Dallas scarf, Hermes bag, Valentino dress, Franck Muller watch 

I prefer a french cosmetics line called Sothys, I love all their products: face masks, scrubs, creams and tonics. My best kept beauty secret would probably be the time and money invested in my hair. Almost always they look like I spent 5 minutes on it, but in reality it took hours of taking care for it to look perfectly healthy. It’s important to look after your hair, because it’s a girl best representation.

Barbara Bui pants, H&M sweater, Christian Louboutin heels, Fendi clutch 

I’m an aesthete and like everything beautiful, whether it’s an exterior appearance or the inner quality of a person, the weather, or a particular item. I am inspired and motivated by the beauty in all its dimensions.

 Styled by Viktoria Yahalnitskaya
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