Eating Healthy In LA

We recently moved our headquarters to LA where there are beautiful people with amazing bodies everywhere. Walking around our new city really made us want to ride the health wave that practically everyone is on here. To catch up with all the gorgeous stars (and the endless sea of aspiring ones) we decided to find some great places for eating in LA. Thankfully there are so many, but here are our favs (a little LA jargon for you).


M Café

Eating Healthy in LA
M Cafe – 9433 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills

In case you were wondering, the M is for Macrobiotics (a Taoist inspired diet, meant to balance the yin and yang through wholesome food and lifestyle choices). Although M Cafe’s menu totally omits “refined sugars, eggs, dairy, red meat or poultry,” from their cuisine, we promise you won’t miss anything. The food is seasonal, minimally processed, and executive chef, Atsushi Kenjo, made certain that it is as delicious as it is healthy.

Café Gratitude

Eating Healthy in LA
Cafe Gratitude – 512 Rose Ave, Venice

If you live in LA and have some sort of eating restriction (raw, vegan, gluten free, or just healthy), you probably eat here at least once a week. If you are visiting the city of Angels and want to try out the most delicious version of wholesome, you can’t pass this place up. To eat like raw foodie Demi More order something like “Liberated” (Kelp Pad Thai Noodles). Way too much for you?  Try “Awesome” (Eggplant Parmesan Panini). There’s something yummy for all shades of healthy.


Eating Healthy in LA
Erewhon – 7660 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles

Looking for a great market… Erewhon is the Alpha of all health food stores, the big W (you know which one) can’t even touch it. Not only is it full of the most beautiful, healthy, pure foods imaginable; from organic, locally grown produce, to sustainably produced and wholesome pre-prepared foods, to super foods and supplements from the most common to the most exotic. What really sets this place apart, is its tonic bar.

Imagine a guru as your bartender… looking for longevity, they have a tea that hints at a longer, healthier life. Perhaps you want to enhance your beauty, they will make you a smoothie to nourish your skin. Whatever you choose, sip it with pleasure (who knew a tonic could taste so good), take time to chat with your neighbor (is he on a tv show?), and just let the experience elevate you (feeling a bit high on life yet?). What they are promising is not quite immortality, but it does feel a bit like tonic alchemy.

Words by Lindsey Alexander

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