These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things: Masha’s Top Picks For Beauty

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things: Masha’s Top Picks For Beauty

 Text by Masha Lopatova, creative director of Fashion IQ

“Isn’t it true that women always want to know what products their fellow women are using? Some women won’t give thier secrets away, especially if they look good. Well, I have secrets of my own, but I think I feel okay about sharing them.”

Masha Lopatova

For years I have been exploring the field of cosmetics. One of the conclusions I came to is, what is good for me is not necessarily good for someone else. (this not only applies to cosmetics! lol) Today I am going to do a quick review of products I am using on a regular basis. My all-time favorite is 3Lab. I love it so much that over the years (7!) my skin almost became immune to it. I had to find a quick fix, and while you wouldn’t normally think of cosmetics when you think of Spain, I discovered Natura Bisse, which is very simple, basic, and easy to use. They have the greatest sun protection product. Fortunately,  3Lab always comes up with new products, so I always come back to them. 3Lab is amazing for help with pigmentation and aging.

Top Picks for Beauty

With my recent pregnancy, I developed a couple of spots, and they were gone in 3 weeks time after using a combo of c serum at night and h serum during the day, plus moisturizer. But my absolute favorite is their eye serum! My other favorite eye cream is French, Cle De Peau. It lasts forever, so it’s a good investment. I wash my face twice a day, morning and evening with Fresh Soy facial cleanser. It is a great product because it takes care of mascara without irritating your eyes. It is very neutral and calming. One relatively new product on the American market is the 111 skincare line from England. Created by a plastic surgeon, it reportedly speeds up recovery after surgery. This I don’t believe, but it’s worth trying. They also have amazing serums for those who like serum texture. I am using thier night cream as an alternative to 3Lab serums when I need to give my skin a break from 3Lab.

Top Picks for BeautyMy top footcare line is French, managasque to be precise, called Akileine. This is something I stock up on when I’m enjoying France’s amazing pharmacies (nothing is better than a French pharmacy) Akileine is also available in NYC French pharmacies. Buonamici, from Italy is the best hand cream in the world. Somehow I found it here in NYC in a ballet store. Why ballet? I don’t know… Maybe ballet dancers have very dry hands?

Top Picks for Beauty

 Last, but not least, is body cream. Rich and thick, but never greasy. Seev Crema Corpo Terapia Intensiva from Italy keeps your skin not only hydrated, but supple. It helps with stretch marks during pregnancy really well!! Their cream is for professional use in salons and spas, but I have connections in Europe to get it. I love to try new things, and will keep you updated on my beauty regimen.

Top Picks for Beauty

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  1. Надежда says:

    Маша, большое спасибо за статью! Я сама любитель нишевой косметики, аптечных линий и то. Крем для балерин-это супер идея, обязательно поищу и крем, и магазин:)) Очень интересно Ваше мнение об инъекционных процедурах омоложения. Их много, но не все работают. Вы не скрываете свой возраст и можно заметить, что Ваша кожа выглядит отлично. Особенно, если учесть 4 детей, перелеты и работу. Было бы здорово, узнать Ваше мнение на эту тему. Спасибо.

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