RAINBOW BRIGHT: Playing Dress Up with Colorful Stripes

One of the most anticipated looks for summer is the rainbow trend. And we’re not just talking about rainbow hues. We’re talking the full to bursting rainbow, and it can be found on lots of items from shoes, jewelry, handbags, hair, nails, dresses (even wedding dresses), shirts, skirts, and anything else you can name! We can think of nothing better and more refreshing than a rainbow after such a drab, dark, cold winter season… can you?

Headlining the rainbow trend are designers such as Valentino, Thom Browne, Christian Louboutin, Stella McCartney, J.W. Anderson, Carven, Marni, and Suno among many others. We loved what designer Mara Hoffman had to say about using rainbows in her collections,“A light reminder to self to be light.” Good advice for life and for the wardrobe too.

We think that Rainbow Brite, a popular cartoon of a magical little girl in the 1980s that wore a rainbow striped mini dress with matching moon boots (think Dora gone Debbie Harry), may have been a major influence on designers concerning this fashion trend. Or maybe it can be attributed to advances in marriage equality and the right for gay marriage that really moved designers to incorporate the rainbow into this season. Whatever the case, we are catching the ‘rainbow connection’ and soaring to colorful heights with it.

The good news about this feel good trend is that we can see it persisting into next years spring/summer season so you don’t have to be fearful of buying something that will quickly go out of style. You will see colors mixed and matched in ways never before seen while men and women globally are exploring and expressing their own individuality over the next year. Since rainbows symbolize happiness, celebration, good fortune, and new beginnings, we recommend everyone take a little bit of advice from Skittles and “catch the rainbow”…the fashion rainbow, that is.

Catch the Rainbow Trend!

Bright Stripes collages


MSGM Top, Stella McCartney Platfrom Slides, Roksanda Silk Skirt ,Carven Dress, DKNY Striped Dress, Marni File Clutch

By Jessika Brown and Viktoria Yahalnitskaya

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